Achieving and maintaining a healthy bodyweight as you age

Our metabolism naturally slows with age, right? At least that’s the common notion, which lets us off the hook for the middle-age spread that...

The lost art of knowing your neighbourhood

I was on the back deck and looked down and saw a woman who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. She said she...

How omega-3-fats benefit the brain and mind

Omega-3-fats and Fish oil Supplements are mentioned often these days, but few understand what they are and why we may need them. They often are...

The key to happiness: Appreciate the little things

Right now, look up from your phone, or look away from the computer screen or the TV. Look around you, look in your loved...

Covid-19 conspiracy theories go mainstream

Too often the voices of science have been drowned out by the shrill certainties of the anti-science crowd. Meanwhile, wacky Covid-19 conspiracy theories, hyped...

How empathy can fight burnout from work

  According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), over one-third of working Canadians experience burnout. The MHCC quotes American psychologist, Herbert J. Freudenburger in...

How to Fall in Love With Exercise Again

How does exercise improve mental health? Even if You Hated Exercise All Your Life: Try This 7 Step Fun Strategy Based on Neuroscience.

When the rain comes: Vipassana meditation via Zoom

Meditation brings a sense of calm. It takes discipline. It relaxes body and mind.


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