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February 18, 2020

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Adding digital to your will

You’ve got thousands of pictures and videos of the grandkids on your phone. Maybe more somewhere on your computer or in Google Photos or iCloud. Maybe you’ve got a Facebook page to connect with the grandkids as well? Following them now on TikTok? One of the fastest growing markets for smartphones and tablets is those over 55. And all that content gets stored somewhere online. We all want to and plan to live forever, but the reality is, accidents can happen and other unforeseen incidents. You want to be sure that those photos, videos and maybe other digital content, can still be available to the family. But trouble can arise when we lose our loved ones. Especially if those images are stored with a U.S. provider like Facebook, Apple or Google. Getting to them can take years and mean a U.S. court order. If you’re prepared to go through that.

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Healthy Recipes

Ultimate green taco wraps

Makes 8 servings | Takes 60 mins A perfect mid-week vegan recipe for the whole family! Toss in some vegetable soup and you’re all set! Vegan Taco Wraps Recipe Get ready to pack a ton of veggies into one irresistible, healthy meal! If you haven’t tried my lentil-walnut taco meat, this is a great recipe to do so. It’s high in protein and the taco seasonings and chewy texture create a realistic-tasting taco base. Feel free to use tortilla wraps or corn shells instead of lettuce wraps to change it up, or you can make this recipe into a big salad, too. You can save time by cooking the lentils and prepping the taco meat in advance (or simply, by using canned lentils). Ingredients Lentil-walnut taco meat filling: 1 cup uncooked French green lentils (you will use 1 3/4 cups cooked lentils)* 1 cup walnut pieces, toasted 1 ½ tsp

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