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August 4, 2020

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The value of getting outdoors

For exercise, we are always faced with two roads: indoors or outdoors—the gym, say, or Mother Nature. The first is familiar, a path well worn by routine, control, and familiar faces. The latter is foreign: it tends to be a path explored in good weather, to-and-from the car, and when you go on vacation. Even so, nature is unpredictable, more or less. That’s a good thing. When was the last time you took your gym outside? When was the last time you made the choice to take the road less travelled? In Robert Frosts’ poem, and in your overall fitness, when you take “The Road Not Taken,” it makes a difference. There are many benefits. IT’S SOCIAL In all seasons, outdoor activities tend to be social. Hiking, skiing, garage gyms, cycling, tobogganing, swimming, and even walking are activities we tend to do with others. And when we work out with

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