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August 4, 2022

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phytoplankton sustainable farming

Farming the future

Sponsored Article-Presented by Karen Phytoplankton The present state of the climate was predicted more than 100 years ago: record heat waves, fires, melting glaciers and ice caps, disappearing forests and warming oceans, all taking a toll on the flora and fauna of the planet. Dave Hunter, CEO and founder of Blugenics Innovations Ltd., knows the story: local weather that reflects long-term climate change caused by energy- and resource-hungry humans burning fossil fuels and simultaneously, in a double whammy, removing the trees and other plant life that absorbs the carbon from greenhouse gases like C02. Hunter has been following this trend closely for years, because, ironically, it is one of the foundations of Blugenics Innovations, the company that creates a nutrient-rich food from phytoplankton, the microscopic plants found near the surface of the lakes and oceans of the world. Phytoplankton under the microscope.Photo courtesy of Blugenics. Phytoplankton obtain their energy from
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New Advances in Anti Aging Research

For a very, very long time, anti-aging drugs have been the bane of scammers, scoundrels and charlatans. Snake oil, if you will. Turns out, there are some anti-aging drugs and you may well be taking one of them? Have type 2 diabetes and on metformin? That’s one of them and FDA approval is being sought for its use as an anti-aging medication. The world’s population is aging, especially in parts of Asia, Europe and North America. Over the next 30 years it is projected that the number of over 65 year olds will double to 1.5 Billion. Only the continent of Africa is seeing significant growth in a younger population. Today, over 80% of adults aged 65 or over have at least one chronic illness with 68% having two or more. That’s a lot of illness and a lot of medications. From heart disease to diabetes, hypertension, dementia, arthritis and

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