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September 12, 2022

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God save the Queen

When a Queen, stepping out of a limousine, glances up briefly, surreptitiously, to a rooftop, what does it mean? What is she looking for? Why is she concealing her glance? We all live in many worlds, none more so than heads of state whose public appearances are complex, carefully scripted public relations events. What we don’t see can be as important, or more so, than the speeches and soundbites. Danger is often part of the equation, but it is carefully stage managed. We expect the police escorts and military pomp, but what of the actual danger itself? And what is the toll it takes on these public figures we may idolize or vilify, depending? The Queen and Prince Philip visited Nova Scotia in August 1994. One morning they would perform a ceremony on the Dartmouth waterfront. Max Brennan, publisher of Silver magazine, and I were working at Atlantic Progress magazine

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