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December 29, 2023

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Setting Goals to Be More, Not Less

Goal-setting can be murky business if it’s done with the intention to minimize. This year, live your biggest life by setting and achieving goals that actually feel good. The new year signals a fresh start. It’s a time to re-evaluate your routine and goals, and set your sights on shaping the next 365 days. But for many people, the act of goal setting—and the methods in which they approach reaching those goals—can be fraught with peril. Oftentimes, fitness goals can leave people feeling inferior if they’re centered around factors such as achieving unrealistic body types, promoting a minimizing mindset, or adopting an all-or-nothing approach that can set them up for failure. So, this year, rather than setting goals that inherently urge you to “be less,” try flipping the script to find ways to be more. From determining realistic timelines that allow you to be human and make mistakes, building in

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Embracing Setbacks: A Path to Lifelong Growth

Discover how embracing setbacks as stepping stones for growth illuminates the journey toward success, revealing the joys found within imperfection and the invaluable wisdom gained through life’s trials. The fear of failure often acts as a significant obstacle on the road to success, particularly for those in their mid-50s and beyond. This fear can cast a paralyzing shadow, impacting various aspects of life. Beyond hindering career advancements, it might also deter individuals from fully relishing life’s adventures, risks, and the pursuit of new experiences—essential components of a fulfilled existence. Failure isn’t exclusive; it’s a universal teacher. Consider the historical trailblazers, the innovators of their time—they encountered failures more frequently than triumphs. Even the most skilled athletes faced numerous defeats, especially during their formative years. As Ellen DeGeneres wisely put it, “Taking risks teaches us the balance between success and failure, both equally pivotal in life’s journey.” When was the last

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