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January 3, 2024

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Your Yearly Horoscope: 2024

Compassion, confidence, and more creative strikes: Welcome to 2024's Year in Horoscopes 2023 was the year with absolutely zero chill. At times, it almost felt as if extraterrestrial beings were toying with time in a cosmic Black Mirror game against humanity. Nevertheless, we persevered and managed to navigate through it — some of us emerging from the thick smoke unscathed, while the rest of us bear battle scars that we can now add as stripes towards our notoriety. As we stand at the top end of the year looking up towards the misty mountains, 2024 beckons as the dawn of a new vision. One that urges us to embrace our unique gifts in both voice and artistry. Despite the cosmic forces orchestrating events behind the scenes, let’s not forget that the power of free will remains firmly in our hands. Here are the dates to mark in your astrological diary, whatever

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