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February 7, 2024

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Why Saunas Offer More Benefits Than Just Relaxation

From improved performance to faster recovery time, here’s why you may want to stand the heat. As an active woman, you know the glow that’s associated with a good, hard sweat. You feel invigorated and accomplished, and you know you’ve done something beneficial for your body. But what if you could achieve that glisten without putting yourself through a rigorous workout? Enter, the sauna. While saunas have become more trendy recently, they’ve been used in different cultures for thousands of years. The original use for saunas is a topic of hot debate, but nowadays, many people regularly use them to relax or recover from workouts. But that’s just the beginning when it comes to the health benefits that a sauna can provide. What health benefits can you expect from the sauna? Thanks to the heat, the majority of health benefits that a sauna provides are related to blood circulation. A

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Unveiling the Power Within: A Deep Dive into the Science and Art of Self-Love

Loving yourself is a tall order in a society that stacks the odds against you. But with some understanding and acceptance, having compassion for yourself is a tiny rebellion that starts from within. The term “self-love” gets thrown around frequently in the wellness community, and its meaning—and how to achieve it—can be mystifying. Self-help culture reminds us how important it is to “love ourselves,” while at the same time, social media urges us to pick apart our flaws and companies promise that self-love is just around the corner if we purchase their latest product. This internal conflict can lead to feelings of shame, guilt, and inadequacy—and that doesn’t sound like love to us. So why does it matter? While self-love may induce eye rolls from skeptics, there’s scientific evidence to back up its importance. Studies have shown that having compassion for yourself reduces stress and boosts overall well-being, encourages resiliency

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