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Living your best life in menopause and postmenopause

Perhaps you’ve heard the stories about menopause and postmenopause or you’ve experienced them first hand: Hot flashes, weight gain, unbearable fatigue, crying jags, insomnia, panic attacks, dryness, mood swings, depression, bloating, and more. For 85% of women, these stories are true. However, don’t despair because there is hope and help. I know first-hand how you feel, because I’m right there with you, As a Nutritionist, co-creator of a website dedicated to menopause (WeareMorphus.com), and a woman who has been through perimenopause (the months or years leading up to menopause) and who is in menopause and looking forward (yes!) to many vibrant years in postmenopause, I have done endless research, spoken with countless numbers of women, interviewed hundreds of experts, and lived my menopause talk. Knowledge is power Among the many things I’ve learned since beginning my menopause journey (which began at 42, right after I had my third child), is

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Menopause: Natural part of life but social taboo

In my house, menopause is not a taboo subject. I talk about it openly with my husband, two daughters and son, and I want them to do the same with me. After all, they are all here with me as I am transitioning into my third act of life. It really is a family experience. For the most part, the only people who talk about menopause are women near or in middle age. However, the more we discuss this change of life, the less mysterious and shameful it will become. Sure, there will be some discomfort and embarrassment around “the talk,” just like there is around the puberty talk. Yet about half of the world’s population enters this natural stage of life, so it seems a bit odd that we have reached a point after many millennia where menopause is still considered taboo.   But not for much longer. Western society

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