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Margaret Imai Compton

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Mountain Climbing at 59 years young

A middle-aged, single working mother, I find the mountains of Canada and the world suit me just fine. I hang precipitously between vertical rock and ice, balanced on one tiny sharp point of my crampon and two ice tools penetrating securely into blue ice. Looking down, I see my belayer (the person responsible for holding me on the rope), shouting encouraging comments and coaching me to the next move. This is my Great Life, trusted climbing partners who keep me safe, Nature at its best with the sweep of the Canadian Rockies forming a grand backdrop to our route, and confidence in my abilities to complete this vertical mixed climb. It’s curious that many people regard ice climbing and mountaineering as extreme sports. I explain that I’m just an ordinary middle-aged single mother working in Toronto, with a passion for getting to beautiful places in the sky. I make a

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