Achieving and maintaining a healthy bodyweight as you age

Our metabolism naturally slows with age, right? At least that’s the common notion, which lets us off the hook for the middle-age spread that...

How omega-3-fats benefit the brain and mind

Omega-3-fats and Fish oil Supplements are mentioned often these days, but few understand what they are and why we may need them. They often are...

Covid-19 conspiracy theories go mainstream

Too often the voices of science have been drowned out by the shrill certainties of the anti-science crowd. Meanwhile, wacky Covid-19 conspiracy theories, hyped...

Life without a doctor

The Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the critical issues facing the province’s healthcare system.

Herbal medicine for healthy lives

On the farm, where they grew 55 different kinds of herbs, the herbal medicine.

All the good grains!

It’s time to look at intact grains and incorporate them into your diet. These grains are nutrient dense and bring along many health benefits such...

Virtual pharmacies provide unique benefits for older Canadians

With TELUS Health’s new app-based Virtual Pharmacy service, users are able to fill prescriptions online, set up automated refills, have prescriptions delivered directly to their door, and set up private virtual video meetings with registered, Canadian pharmacists.

Canada fails to vaccinate seniors

For COVID, older people need specific vaccines at a higher dose. Only 5% of those in special care homes get these doses. It is a big mess.

Morning anxiety and the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR)

Morning anxiety is common for people with and without anxiety disorders.


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