Healthy recipes for seniors and those over 48 years of age to stay fit and strong!

Garam Masala & Curry Chickpea Lentil Stew

Butternut squash, although commonly known as a vegetable, is actually a fruit! It has a beautiful yellow flesh that is packed with the antioxidant...

Spiced spaghetti squash

IN this delightful vegetable dish, strands of spaghetti squash are tossed with sautéedmustard seeds and cumin seeds and fragrant, flavor-enhancing garam masala. 4 SERVINGS OF...

Colourful quinoa and kale salad

MAKES 10 | TAKES 35–40 MIN   Quinoa is an excellent source of protein. Combined with kale and colourful vegetables, this is a healthful salad loaded...

Healthy DIY Hot Cocoa

There’s no other nostalgic feeling quite like sipping a cup of hot chocolate by a warm fire as the cool breeze outside brushes the...

Spicy sweet potato soup

YOU won’t need the fire department but you may need a cool breeze after this recipe for Spicy sweet potato soup. This paleo and...

Sweet potato, leek and ginger soup

The taste bud-tingling combination of sweet potato, leek and ginger come together in one warming bowl. Smooth, comforting, wholesome and delicious, this soup is...


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