Treating arthritis with diet and exercise

Seeking options to treat her painful psoriatic arthritis, Johanna Legge, 57, says she found something “by mistake.” Her find was the Paddison Program, which...

COVID-19 and the ageing

Canada has done fairly well so far in fighting the Coronavirus Covid-19, but indicators are that the peak is yet to come. Most unfortunately,...

How to avoid being hacked on Facebook

Chances are, you’ve had a friend request on Facebook from someone you’re already connected to. A lot of people aren’t sure what’s happening so...

Nominate Canada’s 2020 Top Health Care Heroes

Nominate your favorite Health Care Heroes now!


This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively provide physical activity in many settings to this unique population.

Hosting Virtual Workouts 101: Connect with Your Clients And Members

The digital solutions for HOSTING A VIRTUAL WORKOUT during this unprecedented time.

Digital health during the coronavirus pandemic

As the world fights the coronavirus, COVID-19, we’re being inundated with a constant feed of news and digital notifications. Here’s some coping strategies. It’s not...

Helping your neighbors through the coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus concerns are on everyone’s mind. One looming questions is how we can help each other? How can each of us make a difference? Many...

Hiking? Look at the trees.

Heading out for a hike this weekend? Going deep into a forest or skirting the edges of one? As you trot along, stop. Look...

Adding digital to your will

You’ve got thousands of pictures and videos of the grandkids on your phone. Maybe more somewhere on your computer or in Google Photos or...


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