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This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively provide physical activity in many settings to this unique population.

Hosting Virtual Workouts 101: Connect with Your Clients And Members

The digital solutions for HOSTING A VIRTUAL WORKOUT during this unprecedented time.

Digital health during the coronavirus pandemic

As the world fights the coronavirus, COVID-19, we’re being inundated with a constant feed of news and digital notifications. Here’s some coping strategies. It’s not...

Helping your neighbors through the coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus concerns are on everyone’s mind. One looming questions is how we can help each other? How can each of us make a difference? Many...

Hiking? Look at the trees.

Heading out for a hike this weekend? Going deep into a forest or skirting the edges of one? As you trot along, stop. Look...

Adding digital to your will

You’ve got thousands of pictures and videos of the grandkids on your phone. Maybe more somewhere on your computer or in Google Photos or...

What to look for in pet food: is ‘human grade’ enough?

Make sure your best friend is getting the most out of their pet food. The North American pet food sector is a multi-million-dollar industry, between...

4 herbal teas for healing

These four delicious teas are loaded with antioxidants and can help fight insomnia, digestive issues, stomach pain and more. Gone are the days of quick-fix...

When anti-depressants aren’t enough

Seventeen years ago, Dr. Stuart Eisendrath piloted research into the therapeutic effects of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) on people experiencing clinical depression. Ever since, he has...


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