One Cerulean Moment

One Cerulean Moment

I think for one cerulean moment that I might be in heaven but Pauly turns and something in his face goes on and my dad says, hey kiddo, and kicks the third chair out for me.
Kindness in the Treatment of Traumatic Stress

Kindness in the Treatment of Traumatic Stress

We all have stories, we all need compassion and beyond all other healing interventions kindness is always of fundamental importance.

How to deal with digital exhaustion

Wonder why your brain hurts and you feel mentally exhausted at the end of the day? It’s called Digital Exhaustion and it’s more than just...

Mental Health for the Holidays

COVID-19 changed our predictable routines, necessitating remote work arrangements, physical distancing, and wearing masks. Everything from shopping to attending sports and social events now...

Dementia research and what we’re learning

Dementia, such as Alzheimers, is of top concern for Canadians as they age and for their parents, especially those in their 50’s and dealing...

The power of therapeutic writing

No, we’re not talking about a gratefulness journal or a daily affirmations journal either. This about using some different writing techniques to help deal...

Importance of Seasonal Self-Care

The days are getting shorter, the summer heat is cooling off: fall is coming! For many of us, fall is associated with new routines...

The science behind laughing

Laughter boosts immunity, mental health, learning and more. Seriously. Exercise, sleep, diet and stress-management are critical for immunity. But there’s a lesser known way you...

Train your brain like an Olympian

Jean François Ménard’s new book teaches us how to have an Olympian mentality at work. You're training some of the country's elite athletes. Within that...

Mental Health and Artificial Intelligence

It seems Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding uses across every aspect of life these days. And it is. Now, AI is being applied to...


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