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Choosing the best tablet in 2022

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While it might seem there are a lot of choices for tablet computers, there are really only three in terms of the Operating System (OS), which is the software they use. There’s iPadOS (Apple), Windows (Microsoft) and Android (Google.) Then there’s eInk tablets.

With Windows, there are some other brands like HP and Acer that offer their version of tablets, but none of the Windows ones are just tablets like iPad or Google tablets. Only Apple and Microsoft have really focused on improving their tablet experience over the last few years, with Google only recently signalling it is going to pay more attention to tablets again.

The Benefits of a Tablet

Portability is perhaps the best reason. They’re far lighter than a laptop and can easily go anywhere. Today, you can pretty much do as much on a tablet as you can a laptop or desktop. Most have attachable keyboards as well so you can write your memoirs quite easily. There are tons of games and with iPadOS you can have more than one app open at a time and multitask easier than ever before. The batteries are good and can last daya, depending on how you use them. Playing games and watching movies can eat into battery life, but on any of them you’ll get through a couple of movies. Connecting a mouse is possible on all of them as well. They all feature the ability to increase font sizes as well if your eyesight struggles a bit.

The Rise of eInk Tablets

If you don’t want to be plagued with notifications and just want to write and read then you might consider an eInk tablet. The two main options in this category are reMarkable from Norway and Boox. The reMarkable is quite amazing for handwriting and drawing as well as PDF editing. None of them use glass like other tablets, so you can get a fairly good writing experience. The reMarkable doesn’t have an attachable keyboard, the Boox does. The one drawback to the reMarkable is that you can only read ePub books, so Kindle books won’t work, but they will on Boox. Both are great options for a focused experience.

Choosing the Right Tablet

A lot comes down to preference. The leader in terms of the quality and payback time for use as well as the experience itself is of course, the iPad. If you think they’re expensive, they aren’t really, not in the long term. A Windows and Android tablet are often cheaper, but they won’t last nearly as long as an iPad. If you already use an iPhone, using an iPad will be easy. If you’re into Android, the same goes, just like Windows.

Security on Windows and Android tablets isn’t as strong as iPad either. You’re far more susceptible to viruses, ransomware and malware on Android and Windows. None of of them can be 100% safe, but the iPad is best in this regard. You also have greater privacy options on an iPad. Android tablets are less privacy focused.

Android hasn’t had as much love from Google lately, so it lacks some of the capabilities and features you’ll find on Windows and Apple tablets. When choosing, think about what you want to use it for, where you might take it and the quality level you’re willing to pay for.

At the end of the day, it comes down to preferences. The iPad is the leader for tablets with a better camera, much more powerful processor and stability. Second is Windows and Android comes in third. Maybe when Google gives a little more attention to their tablet OS, they’ll catch up.

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