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Ice caves in Atlantic Canada

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RESEARCH reveals that getting outdoors helps people feel more energetic and reduces stress and sleep disturbances. Whether hiking and biking in summer or snowshoeing and skiing in winter, getting outdoors couldn’t be easier than in Atlantic Canada where nature is everywhere.

In New Brunswick, near the small community of Norton, many locals make a point of connecting with nature by visiting ice caves. The 4km to 5km hike in on groomed snowmobile trails takes them through fields and forest. It’s a moderate trail according to experienced hikers.

These ice caves are created when the water that falls into a ravine freezes and forms a solid wall of ice. Ropes help people climb down to the caves as well as up and through holes where people can venture in and out of the caves.

Paige Danaher’s massage therapist in the Saint John area who understands the value of exercise for people’s wellbeing. She heads out to the ice caves a few times a year. “The weather can really change them fast,” says Danaher. “I go to see the caves knowing that I will get a great workout.”

As she tells her clients, and anyone else who will listen, “keeping active and enjoying our local trails, waterfalls and coastline will keep you from injury due to inactivity.”

Those who do head for the ice caves might want to log on to the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC) website or social media pages and share their experience as part of the orga- nization’s Time for Nature initiative.

“Through Time for Nature, we’re encouraging Canadians to get outside and explore what nature has to offer,” says Crystal Folkins, NCC’s national media relations manager. “Whether it’s at a Nature Conservancy of Canada property or the local park, we know how important spending time outdoors is to Canadians.”

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