The benefits of joining a running clinic for over 50+

Christine Blanchette shares the benefits of joining a running clinic if you're over 50. Some benefits include safety, support, and accountability.

How eating the right diet reversed RA symptoms

Chase completely transformed her Rheumatoid Arthritis using appropriate medication and key diet and lifestyle changes under the Rheumatoid Solutions program.
Foot Care

Take care of your feet, so they can take care of you

Walking upright on two legs and two feet is complex. Each time your heel lifts off the ground, it forces your toes to carry one half of your body weight.

Why Does Technology Seem so Overwhelming?

Robots taking over manufacturing jobs. Autonomous cars and delivery trucks. Drones in warfare but also delivering aid in disasters. Webcams on our porches. Surveillance...

God save the Queen

When a Queen, stepping out of a limousine, glances up briefly, surreptitiously, to a rooftop, what does it mean? What is she looking for?...

Core strength: Embrace the wobble

At one time, a strong core was associated with six-pack abs but an updated view is that there is much more to them. Having...

Walking your way to better health

There is no question, it’s been a tough couple of years. COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainty, impacted our physical health and mental well-being...

Time Travel Part II: Take a sad song, and make it better

Look back 50 years to 1972. The Vietnam War had spread to Cambodia, the US was bombing the jungles with the toxic defoliant Agent...

Revealed: The increase in Canada’s social value from getting more active

The benefits of engaging in sport and physical activity on an individual level may seem obvious, but if you add them up on a...
Vagina Health Article

Optimal vaginal health during menopause

What is Menopause? Menopause is a transition that all women go through and the vagina is one part of the body that experiences changes.  Menopause...
phytoplankton sustainable farming

Farming the future

The present state of the climate was predicted more than 100 years ago: record heat waves, fires, melting glaciers and ice caps, disappearing forests...

New Advances in Anti Aging Research

For a very, very long time, anti-aging drugs have been the bane of scammers, scoundrels and charlatans. Snake oil, if you will. Turns out,...


Diabetes Prevention

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