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A life changing climb on Kilimanjaro

“Mom, if Martina Navratilova can’t do it, you can’t do it.” My child’s words echoed in my head as I took my first cortisone-laced footsteps along the Western Breach approach to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Indeed, the then-54, very fit tennis superstar was air lifted off this very mountain with fluid in her lungs. So, what the hell was I trying to prove? I’d been determined to conquer Africa’s highest peak (19,341 feet) ever since a cheating ex-boyfriend failed to do so a few years back. I’d show him. That first attempt was sidelined before it began when my hockey player son broke his hip and returned home to convalesce. Stacked odds kept piling on. The day before this departure, the beautiful man who helped shape my child’s life died from heart complications. Bob Smye’s heart was just too big, and too full. “You have to cancel your trip,”

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Don’t retire. Change the world.

As Dale and Linda Bolton discovered, helping the poor of Africa is more rewarding than retirement. MOST of us dream about the slow-paced life that retirement brings, but will we be happy once we get there? Studies show that most Boomer retirees aren’t, and Dale Bolton certainly wasn’t. So instead of taking a break after 35 years of working, Dale and his wife took on a seemingly impossible challenge—to support at least 10,000 homeless AIDs orphans in Africa. As Dale began to ease into retirement, his wife Linda showed no signs of slowing down. Impressed by how a natural supplement—magnesium citrate—transformed her own health, Linda couldn’t wait to spread the word and she soon became the sole Canadian distributor of Natural Calm’s magnesium citrate. However, the true transformation in their lives took place after they visited Malawi. Dale and Linda have always helped others by donating both their time and

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