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One Cerulean Moment

One Cerulean Moment

I think for one cerulean moment that I might be in heaven but Pauly turns and something in his face goes on and my dad says, hey kiddo, and kicks the third chair out for me.

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Ronnie Wood and the things you shouldn’t do

The ultimate survivor, Wood, 73 now the father of young twins, talks about near-death escapes, sobriety, and his twin loves: painting and music. He credits the hand of Gabriel for getting him through the hard stuff. The darker parts of Ronnie Wood’s life read like a long list of things you shouldn’t do. In Hollywood he freebased cocaine; he was rescued off the coast of Rio de Janeiro from a burning boat ahead of a Stones concert on Copacabana beach; in the Caribbean he was almost implicated in a serious cocaine bust, and on more than one occasion he’s had to jump out of the way of Keith Richards firing his handgun. Many of his friends, including Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon, Alex “Hurricane” Higgins and Amy Winehouse, were killed by drugs and drink. His mate John Lennon was murdered, and longtime pals David Bowie and George Harrison died from cancer. And

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Adventures in Colorado

This western state is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts—and those who like to drink beer. GETTING up uncharacteristically early to witness the sunrise over the Garden of the Gods, a striking natural formation in south eastern Colorado. The constantly changing colours of the strange chunks of mountain jutting out of the ground, with Pikes Peak in the back- ground, made the early hour more than worthwhile. But what was amazing was that well before 6 am, dozens of locals from nearby Colorado Springs were parking off the high- way, soon to be engaged in predawn running, rollerblading and cycling. No doubt they then drove into the park to do some sheer cliff scaling, as I’ve since noticed that the Garden of the Gods (usually unnamed) is featured in many outdoor fitness advertisements for the super fit, many of whom we saw scaling sheer cliffs when we strolled through the park

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