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CBD vs. CBN: What are the benefits of CBN?

Whether you use cannabis products or not, you have undoubtedly heard about its many applications and wellness claims. Though the healing properties of cannabis are not a recent discovery, the number of uses and benefits are growing as researchers learn more about its composition. In addition, scientists are now able to isolate the many cannabinoids that the plant consists of. Each of these cannabinoid compounds has its own unique makeup and specific application. One of these compounds that is of recent interest and has been found to yield great results is cannabinol, or CBN. Below we’ve provided a beginner’s guide on CBN. This includes an overview of what CBN is, how it is derived, how it differs from CBD, potential benefits and side effects, as well as dosage recommendations. What is CBN or cannabinol? CBN is one of more than 100 chemical compounds derived from the cannabis plant, known as

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