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April 2024 Cover Story
Cover Story

Punch Your Way to Improved Mental and Physical Health

Boxing, specifically women’s boxing, has become extremely trendy, whether it be in the fitness space, amateur, or professional world. Interest in boxing gyms and classes has increased alongside the increased demand for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes that have gained popularity due to the efficiencies of these types of workouts. Boxing can be considered the original HIIT class because of the intensity and full body workout you get in 20 minutes or less. For those of us with busy schedules and barely enough time to complete our daily tasks, boxing can be the solution to achieving a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle without spending hours at the gym. Why Boxing? Boxing provides the ultimate workout for both your physical and mental health. And it’s an inclusive sport all women can participate in—boxing offers weight classes from the minimum weight of 105 pounds to over 200 pounds. Now, let’s get into the physical

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The boxing workout

Boxing is a great basic sport, but drilling for the actual sport can actually improve your cardio stamina, endurance, coordination, strength, and balance. To help you improve on your boxing skills, we have designed a boxing style circuit mixed with a conditioning round, Tabata style (20 seconds of full on effort followed  by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times). But first, you will need a lesson on the basics: BASIC “FIGHTER STANCE”  Keep your feet shoulder width apart and stand diagonally with your lead foot (if you are right handed, your lead foot will be your left leg) slightly ahead. With your hands in a fist, bend your elbows and keep your hands in front of your face. Lean forward slightly, and keep your abdominals tight. Always be ready for action by keeping on the balls of your feet. BASIC PUNCHES All punches include a rotation of the hips

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