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Better bone health for the long haul

The secret to longevity lies in your bones, literally. Your skeleton is your core. How you move, the quality of food and supplements you ingest, and your sleep cycle all matter to bone health — immensely. It’s like a “trifecta” for building a better framework: diet, exercise, and sleep. But it’s also not quite that simple. To better understand how to build healthy bones, let’s first look inside to understand your physical infrastructure. As part of the skeletal system, the bones and cartilage perform three basic, but essential functions: to support the body, protect the organs, and allow for movement that works in tandem with the tendons and muscles. Marrow is found at the center of the bones and this is where the magic happens. The bone marrow assists in the formation of blood cells — both red and white — along with storing a vast amount of fats and

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Health benefits of blue cheese

An ancient cheese, unlike some mass-produced cheeses, blue cheese has some excellent health benefits. Let’s take a look! It’s called blue cheese because of the molds that grow in it; they’re blue in colour. This is the bacteria present in all cheeses and in this case, a special kind that makes that colour. There are various kinds like Roquefort, Danablu, Gorgonzola and Blue Stilton. Blue cheese is low in calories yet is full of various nutrients that are essential for our body Good for the heart Blue cheese has been shown to reduce cholesterol and help reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease. But like all foods, don’t over-indulge! Fights Arthritis Research has shown that the molds in blue cheese have very powerful anti-arthritis benefits as it fights inflammation in the body. If you have arthritis, blue cheese can help fight it as well as prevent it. Fights Osteoporosis As we

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