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Boomers and the dating game

Connection is key to health and well-being. With one-third of boomers currently single, it might be time to get back on the proverbial horse. Margaret Sampson hasn’t been on an actual date in almost 35 years – not since she was 21. She wants to find a partner, but has no idea where to start. “My marriage ended and although it wasn’t perfect, it was comfortable,” she says. “The idea of dating again feels daunting. Do I even know how to do it still?” Her situation is not unique. Let’s face it – sometimes life doesn’t pan out. People grow apart, illness happens. Or maybe life has passed you by and that special someone hasn’t surfaced yet. There are many reasons people find themselves single at an unexpected age. Whatever the circumstances, more and more people are finding themselves single after 50, so if you are lonely, you are certainly not alone.

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