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Westin Nova Scotian Wellness

Westin Nova Scotian – Wellness Activities, Destinations and Excursions

The Westin Halifax Hotel: Your Halifax Wellness Basecamp Nestled in the heart of the Seaport District of the charming city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel offers deluxe accommodations and convenient access to a range of wellness activities catering to both relaxation enthusiasts and activity seekers. Whether you’re a traveller looking to unwind or someone dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the neighbourhood of The Westin Halifax Hotel is brimming with options to nourish your well-being. 1. Halifax Waterfront Walk: A Refreshing Stroll Step out of The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel and embark on a stroll along the iconic Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk. Stretching for approximately 2.5 kilometres, this scenic path hugs the waterfront, offering stunning views of the harbour and bustling marine activity. Take in the fresh sea breeze and let the soothing sounds of lapping waves create a tranquil ambience. A simple walk along the waterfront

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