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Deborah Grover

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Living in a bubble: Deborah Grover

Deborah Grover, who plays “TV Jann’s” mother Nora in the show, has learned to pace herself in a challenging acting career. All this while playing her own family roles as wife and mother. Grover can relate to the character of Nora, who is based on Jann Arden’s real mother, the late Joan Richards. Like Richards, Grover also made career sacrifices to look after her children when they were growing up. In season 3 of JANN, Nora experiences early-stage dementia. “Playing her is an unbelievable experience,” says Grover. “This is a wonderful challenge from an actress’s point of view. Nora’s experience has an impact on the entire family. Everybody is learning. There is fear of the unknown, but it is not all dark. There is crazy laughter. It is a tricky dance. We try to find the truth and the humor.” Grover is also inspired by working with Jann Arden. “She

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