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5 Tips for a daily detox routine

Small changes in our everyday habits can vastly improve our health and help our body to function optimally. LET’S face it: We live in a toxic world. It seems that the only escape would be to live in a bubble, but alas, that is not practical. Eating well and organic when possible helps, but it is not enough. The key is to make small changes in your daily routine that help to lessen the toxic load you are facing or help your body effectively deal with it. Here are five simple, effective daily changes that make a big difference. 5 Daily Detox Tips 1 Add plants to your home or workplace. Spider plants, aloe, Gerber daisies and chrysanthemum plants filter toxins from the air and add oxygen to indoor air. 2 Ladies, stop wearing bras that are too tight. Apart from being uncomfortable, bras that are too tight restrict lymphatic drainage (an elimination channel) in

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