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New Advances in Anti Aging Research

For a very, very long time, anti-aging drugs have been the bane of scammers, scoundrels and charlatans. Snake oil, if you will. Turns out, there are some anti-aging drugs and you may well be taking one of them? Have type 2 diabetes and on metformin? That’s one of them and FDA approval is being sought for its use as an anti-aging medication. The world’s population is aging, especially in parts of Asia, Europe and North America. Over the next 30 years it is projected that the number of over 65 year olds will double to 1.5 Billion. Only the continent of Africa is seeing significant growth in a younger population. Today, over 80% of adults aged 65 or over have at least one chronic illness with 68% having two or more. That’s a lot of illness and a lot of medications. From heart disease to diabetes, hypertension, dementia, arthritis and

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Grim Royal

I don’t know what it is with fathers who want their sons to be like the Royal brothers.

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How pets help with loneliness

Having a furry companion in dark times can make the world of a difference. I spend a lot of time alone. Even before this whole social distancing thing. My husband works away and I work from home. I work out at home. Home is my haven and my biggest comfort comes from my two adorable cats — I often call them “my coworkers.” If loneliness is starting to have a negative effect on you, it may be time to get a pet. For one thing, I promise you, it’s not weird to recreate the regular day-to-day coffee chat with a pet that can’t talk back. It’s more fun because you can design the whole conversation – both the question and the reply! Wait — does that make me sound crazy? I’ll chat about it with my co-workers on our next coffee break. To give you some background, I rescued my

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Top 5 “human foods” for your pet

We share a lot with our pets. Our homes, our hearts, and even our beds. Some of us even share our favourite foods with our pets. But, many of the foods that humans can digest can actually harm our pets and cause health problems down the road. Here are some safe food options for your furry friend. We all know the benefits of eating well, which contributes to a healthy lifestyle, more energy, and makes you feel good on both the inside and out—the same goes for our pets. While it may be tempting to share some of our healthy “human” food with our pets, it may be causing them more harm than good. Dogs and cats, and humans metabolize food differently. It is for this reason that some foods are safe for humans to eat, but are toxic and potentially deadly for our pets. It is important to use

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