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Remove stains the natural way

Sponsored Content - Presented by Buncha Farmers Iggy Natoli, president of Buncha Farmers, likes the rural life, small towns, small farms, country stores, natural products. Ten years ago, he was semi-retired, volunteering at a local farmer’s market in Ontario. He created a co-op of vendors at a country store. The founders did the marketing and packaging to get the word out and kept improving the products. Manufacturing is done at home by contract workers. Then he and his partner Cory Besser, VP and Sales Director, saw their lives change when their core product, the All Natural Stain Remover, started to take off. Contracts with wholesalers followed, and they shut down the retail operation to focus on distributing products across Canada and the U.S. Today the natural products are available at chains such as Wal-Mart and Home Hardware. Buncha Farmers has been named one of the Top 10 Green Household Items
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