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The rise of personal health technology

Are you ready to trust your health to a giant technology company? Apple’s latest smartwatch, the Series 6, came to market this October and the big selling point this year is a sensor that monitors your blood oxygen level.  So, now the Apple Watch can monitor your heart rate, conduct an ECG and monitor blood oxygen. And like other smartwatches, can track your fitness activity and put all that data together in the Health app to give you a better picture of your personal health.  Apple is making a big play into the fast growing health and wellness sector. Google and Microsoft are making moves into this space as well. So what’s all this health technology about? What about privacy and the relationship between healthcare providers, doctors and patients? While the Apple Watch is certainly in the lead when it comes to personal health and wellness technology in smartwatches and

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Digital privacy wars; Apple, Google or Facebook?

I’ll start out by officially stating that I am an Apple fan-boy, though with all these grey hairs, not much of a boy anymore. It seems that almost every day we hear of a data breach or some major topic of our digital privacy being stripped away or invaded. And with good reason. So out of three of the top technology giants today, Apple, Facebook or Google, is focused the most on your actual privacy? The short answer is Apple and it’s a primary reason I remain in the ecosystem. No company is perfect, not even Apple and they’ve had some recent mistakes. But at least they face up to them. In a way, it’s also hard to really compare them. Apple is superb at hardware and software, but doesn’t offer search or many other services, although that’s changing. Facebook isn’t really a hardware company, although they have a couple

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