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Escape to The Southern Gulf Islands, B.C. with Five Tips

Thinking of taking a wellness Fall/Winter retreat to The Southern Gulf Islands, in B.C.? Before visiting one of the islands on the Salish Sea; Galiano, Mayne, Pender, Salt Spring and Saturna, careful planning is the key to a safe and healthy trip during the pandemic. In an interview, Jacqueline East, general manager of the Southern Gulf Islands Tourism Partnership Society describes her vision by sharing five “know before you go” tips inspired by doing a bit of research in advance. The Southern Gulf Islands, tucked between the mainland coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, is known for its unique ecosystems and also known for their wineries, local artists, farm stands, and popular outdoor activities. During the pandemic, Jacqueline noted, “Well, it’s been interesting, lots of our local small businesses have had to innovate and adapt. They don’t see themselves as a typical tourist destination. In some ways the pandemic

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5 Tips for a daily detox routine

Small changes in our everyday habits can vastly improve our health and help our body to function optimally. LET’S face it: We live in a toxic world. It seems that the only escape would be to live in a bubble, but alas, that is not practical. Eating well and organic when possible helps, but it is not enough. The key is to make small changes in your daily routine that help to lessen the toxic load you are facing or help your body effectively deal with it. Here are five simple, effective daily changes that make a big difference. 5 Daily Detox Tips 1 Add plants to your home or workplace. Spider plants, aloe, Gerber daisies and chrysanthemum plants filter toxins from the air and add oxygen to indoor air. 2 Ladies, stop wearing bras that are too tight. Apart from being uncomfortable, bras that are too tight restrict lymphatic drainage (an elimination channel) in

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4 herbal teas for healing

These four delicious teas are loaded with antioxidants and can help fight insomnia, digestive issues, stomach pain and more. Gone are the days of quick-fix health gimmicks, like believing one magic pill will make you drop 10 pounds or that doing a juice cleanse will solve all your problems. It turns out that women are ditching quick fixes and are becoming more aware of the health choices they make. The Attitudes Toward Healthy Eating 2017/ITC study found that 45% of Canadians are interested in trying the latest foods that claim to boost health, like chia seeds and kale. It seems that the most recent trend is figuring out how to improve one’s health—naturally. One way to create a lasting, healthy habit is to consume herbal teas. Loaded with antioxidants, herbal teas are made from dried fruits, flowers, spices or herbs. They come in a wide range of flavours and can

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