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Healthy Recipes

Orange spiced hot chocolate

Who doesn’t like a steaming mug of hot chocolate on a cold day? Zest it up with some orange! Try this spiced-up twist on an old school classic. With a great blend of aromatic spices, dark chocolate and a slight nuance of orange, this winter favourite no longer need be a guilty pleasure. Share with family, friends or carollers at your door; either way, it’s a “no guilt” way to get your chocolate fix. INGREDIENTS 4 SERVINGS | PREPARATION 15 MINS PLUS OVERNIGHT » 1L 1% or soy milk » 7 oz dark chocolate — chopped up » 1½ tsp coco powder » zest of 1 orange » 3 cardamom pods » ½ cinnamon stick » 2 cloves » ½ Thai red chili » pinch of kosher salt PREPARATION Place chocolate and milk in a medium sauce pot and whisk over medium heat until chocolate has completely melted. Toast cardamom

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Overcoming the stigma of lung cancer

When someone says they have lung cancer, we may not say it out loud, but we may first think that they must be or have been a smoker. It’s a human trait that we make assumptions about certain things. To Canadians, lung cancer is often, wrongly, tagged with being “smokers cancer.” It’s a stigma that the Canadian Lung Health Foundation and Lung Cancer Canada  are seeking to do something about and that’s not a bad idea. Nearly 30,000 Canadians are diagnosed with lung cancer each year and while around 85% of cases are due to smoking, and 15% quit long before their diagnosis. Sometimes lung cancer can be the result of other factors such as asbestos (especially for those over 70 who may have worked with or around asbestos during the 60’s and 70’s) as well as just a natural occurrence or other factors. “We are shifting the conversation from

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