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Donna Holt’s Story – “Today, I Feel Light”

March 18, 2020 was a day Donna Holt will never forget. It was the day many Canadians learned of the “lockdown,” as the federal and provincial governments attempted to deal with the rising threat of Covid-19, the new coronavirus that had been spreading across the planet. For Holt, who lives and works in the Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia, it was memorable for other reasons. Beyond learning her downtown office was shutting down, she also discovered plans with friends and family were being cancelled or changed. The world suddenly seemed a scary place. On top of that, it was the day Holt was diagnosed with shingles. “It was actually one of the lowest days of my entire life,” she recalls. “I was sitting there in the doctor’s office and there were no other people in the waiting room. The chairs were all distanced. I didn’t know where my people

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