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The health benefits of Indian spices

Home-cooked Indian food proves a great go-to dinner option—and is an excellent way to burn fat! YOU are too tired to cook after work and find yourself turning again to high-calorie take-out or fast food. You’d love to find the time and energy to prepare healthy meals at home, but cooking—espe- cially trying out new cuisines like Indian—seems too time consuming. On the plus side, Indian spices like tur- meric and cardamom are proven to put the body’s fat-burning machinery in high gear, while home-cooked Indian food is one of the most healthful (and surprisingly easy) dining options for a host of other reasons: Vitamin- and fibre-rich vegetables, legumes (peas, beans and lentils), rice, lean proteins, and spices are the staples of Indian cooking. Indian home cooking is done with canola oil, olive oil or virgin coconut oil—not butter or heavy cream. The flavour-enhancing spices of Indian cuisine reduce the need

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