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Mindfulness: The Darker Side

There’s no doubt that mindfulness can and has helped millions of people. New research is showing there can also be a downside. From helping reduce anxiety and stress to being more focused, mindfluness has many benefits and has even been incorporated into prison programs in the U.S. and Canadian systems. New research from the University at Buffalo however, suggests that mindfulness can make us more selfish and impact our social behaviours. The research looked at a rang of what are called prosocial behaviours, or the range of behaviours we have when we’re around other people. From how we interact with others to the actions we may take in certain settings. In the research, Dr. Michael Poulin, an assistant professor of psychology looked at how people view themselves and their place in society. In Asian countries, people tend to see their relationships with others as interdependent versus in countries like Canada,

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Wisdom of the elders

It does not start well, the morning Zoom meditation with the yogi in Rishikesh, along the Ganges River in Northern India. He is late. I almost click off. The he appears. Sometimes video, or audio, but not both. Then the connection settles down. Then it is interrupted multiple times. Then he shines a flashlight on the whiteboard where the mantra is written, phonetically, in block letters. It appears out of the gloom. It turns out to be a good meditation. The sound quality is erratic, but that is standard. Afterwards, the yogi explains how many things went wrong: weak signal, then computer updating, then power lost. Meanwhile, he is coming off a nine-day fast. He is weak. Has a mild fever, in fact. “Everything went wrong,” he said. Then he started to laugh. “So many obstacles,” he said, smiling. Then a pause. “We need challenges,” he said. Meditation is not

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Creativity doesn’t know age

It seems today that when we hear about creative geniuses, they all seem to be quite young, such as Mark Zuckerberg becoming a billionaire when he was in his early twenties. Or Bill Gates at just 29 years old. Pablo Picasso and Einstein having their breakthroughs at just their twenties as well. So are we to believe that a moment of creative insight and to be a genius is in our early lives? That as we move into our 50’s and our second phase of life our creative days are slipping away? Absolutely not. If you’re a reader of Silver Magazine, you know we don’t subscribe to such a silly notion! There are many cases of people who have their genius creative moment later in life. Mario Puzo wrote The Godfather when he was 45. Julia Child’s first book was published when she was 49. Grandma Moses began her painting

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