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A mattress for the ages

As we age, the type of mattress we need often changes and they are critical to good sleep hygiene. And not all mattresses are made equal. Good sleep health is important for our overall health and wellness. That includes pre-midnight sleep (sorry night owls), a good stretch of time where we get REM sleep for our brains, and to give our physical bodies proper rest and recovery time. Edmonton, Alberta based Canadian mattress manufacturer GoodMorning.com believes this so much that they offered us a free mattress to try. If we were impressed, we’d write about it. If we weren’t, just like their 120 night guarantee, we could send it back. We ended up loving it. My partner and I are in our late 50’s. We’re very active. From Nordic Pole Walking to hiking and running, I’m regular with my daily yoga routine and pilates a couple of times a week.

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