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Keeping your digestive system in shape

Showing that the entire digestion process is working smoothly, regular bowel movements are the foundation of health. Here’s how to keep your system in shape. No one wants to talk about or admit to it, but according to the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology approximately one million Canadians a year suffer from constipation. Regularity of bowel movements is individual: One person may experience three a day while another may experience one every three days. At least that’s the view of conventional medicine. Natural health practitioners believe that the bowel is the foundation of good health and having two or three bowel movements daily is essential in keeping not only the bowel healthy, but also the whole body. Essentially, if your bowel movements occur less frequently than your food intake, you are suffering from constipation.  Bowel movements are essential to a healthy body. Unless we cleanse the system of toxins daily, they

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