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Time Travel Part II: Take a sad song, and make it better

Look back 50 years to 1972. The Vietnam War had spread to Cambodia, the US was bombing the jungles with the toxic defoliant Agent Orange, the Cold War with the Soviet Union meant the world was under the constant threat of MAD (mutually assured destruction). It was the era of Watergate, student protests, black power, and the birth of the modern feminist movement. The first Earth Day was in 1970, with the iconic first image of the Earth from Space on the cover of The Whole Earth Catalogue. “1968” was a symbol of global change, and not just a year on the calendar. In the background, rock music building on the blues, which had come out of slavery and the work songs on the plantations. As Canadian Gordon Lightfoot sang, “Motor City’s burnin’,” his apartment in Toronto was the hangout for other genius songwriters like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.

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