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Top 5 Gym Etiquette Rules

These days there are more and more people in the gym.  Of course, the biggest spike is in the New Year with many making fitness New Year resolutions.  It can become frustrating sometimes trying to workout with so many others.  Here are the TOP 5 Gym Etiquette Guidelines for you to remember: #1 Don’t Stare – Many people coming to the gym are uncomfortable with even being there.  It can be really offsetting when someone is starring at you while you are trying to get your sweat on.  Even if someone is attractive, it can be intrusive for some to have people starring at them while working out.  So just try not to stare and focus on your own body and regime. #2 Wipe the Equipment – Nobody likes to eat off a dirty table and on the same token people don’t like to come to use a piece of gym equipment that is covered in

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