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5 “healthy” foods that can sabotage your healthy eating

Some “healthy food choices” have an allure of well-being and vitality. What you may not realize is that these foods top the list of nutrition myths. Granola: Granola grew its roots during the health food movement and started off as a simple mixture of whole grains without all of the added sugars and fats that are found in supermarket brands. Just one cup will deliver the equivalent carbohydrate load found in a jumbo bagel or a large plate of spaghetti! Studies also show that eating a breakfast that is super-high in carbohydrates may not be the best choice, as it will lead to an increased appetite throughout the day. Hummus: While made from nourishing chick peas, packaged hummus carries a calorie and fat profile that rivals some mayonnaise, with many varieties containing 60 percent of the calories from fat. Be wary of the appeal of a seemingly small, personal-size package

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