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Alone together

We humans are social animals. That’s why social isolation is so hard on us. Some darn virus came out of nowhere and now all over the world people are being told what they can’t do. The hardest part is the “who” part. In lockdown, partial or total, however your jurisdiction defines it, there are people you can’t meet face to face: family, friends, neighbours, colleagues. Near and far. You can’t invite them over. You can’t meet in a restaurant – or even at the office. You can’t drive to see them, or take a train, a ship or an airplane. It sucks. So what do you do? Answer: whatever you can. I don’t go anywhere. The last time I did, pre-lockdown, I ended up taking a Covid test. It was negative. Living in suburban Nova Scotia, I get to bicycle and take out my kayak on a nearby lake. I

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