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Thank the hippies for social media

Seriously. It’s the hippies we should thank for today’s digital social media. All born, essentially, out of the 1970’s hippy collectives around San Francisco. But hippies rejected modern society you say! Off they went into the hills, grew long beards and neither men nor women shaved and they ate “strange” food. Many would become vegetarian or vegan. The First Iteration of a Social Medium was Analog Arguably perhaps, the forefather of today’s social media would be Stewart Brand. He created the hugely popular Whole Earth Catalog in the late 1960’s. He also slammed it shut in 1971 because it became too much of a business. The very essence of the Catalog was that it was written by the people. It had no linear flow, it was a literal mash up of stuff. People sent in information on the tools they developed and reviews and comments were published. It had no

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