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Slow is beautiful

I went to my local mall yesterday for a coffee and some food to go: Indian, Italian, Chinese. The place was pretty quiet. Some shops had closed. A few new ones had opened. Fewer people milling about. Fewer tables in the food court, not all occupied. The food sellers tried to upsell me and I went along. Dress was pretty casual. Yes, it’s summer but there was a different vibe. I asked about retail traffic, the walk-throughs. It was on the way up, a bit, I was told, after the lockdown. The economy has slowed – mostly. Many of the exceptions are high tech. Those crafty billionaires who bet on a different future and nailed it. Young guys like the Shopify crew – new Canadian icons. The already branded who have diversified: actors, athletes, entertainers. The top-of-the-shop always have options. Resource extraction has slowed. Fewer smokestacks popping up in most

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