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The benefits of joining a running clinic for over 50+

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With the Fall season upon us, there is no better time to lace up your shoes or take them out from the back of the closet after perhaps a long hiatus from not working out. The Fall can be a great time to start back. It is back to school, back to a routine which can help with your fitness goals and feeling invigorated by the cooler temperatures.

How does one start and stay on track? If you haven’t run in a while and want to make a comeback safely and do it progressively, join a clinic or club that suits your fitness level. Overall, running clinics are beneficial for all levels of abilities. Finding one though can involve some research from Learning to Run, training for a 10 Km distance to a marathon. The first step would be to research a clinic near where you live that suits your fitness level and lifestyle needs. No matter what your goals are, there are many clinics to choose from.

A Learn to Run Clinic for over 50+ might be the answer to start as it offers walking and running in each session. By joining the Learn to Run Clinic will give you an overview which will help jumpstart your love of running back but again safely. A Learn to Run Clinic is perfect for the beginner to those who haven’t run in a while and want to start again.

For runners over 50+ the key is to find one that has specific training needs that will offer the most benefits for recovery, nutrition, cross training and enhance performance while not getting injured.

My tips to choosing the right clinic are the following but before you do see a doctor.

Assess your fitness level, how much running have you done or not. Do a time trail or run with a friend to find your approximate pace.

Research before joining or ask to join the class for free. Often the instructor will do this. It is important to ask about the program, how many weeks, how much training on your own and in the clinic. This will help in choosing this clinic according to your personal and professional commitments.

What type of specific training is offered. The more specific the better and having speakers come in and talk about injury prevention, strength training to nutrition.

Cross training should be in the program for recovery to improving fitness. For examples, Weight training to pool/water running.

Setting a realistic goal may sometimes be a challenge coming from  a strong performance background. The key is to be present and know your fitness level and work on improving your fitness. If this clinic doesn’t work for you it is okay. Move on to the next one when you have more time.

The benefits of joining a clinic are many some are listed here:

•The right equipment, proper shoe fitting to dressing for the weather conditions.

•Support, to continue with the training and therefore is motivational.

•Accountability, knowing you need to be there at the clinic.

•Social, it can be fun running with others and having a coffee afterwards

•Safety, running with others and wearing reflective gear. There is safety in numbers.

•Coaching support, the instructor provides valuable knowledge and training can improve your running and stay healthy.

•Resource, reach out to your fellow runners and continue running together.

•Confidence, to continue running after the clinic.

•By joining a clinic will improve your performance and help with lifelong running.


Christine Blanchette is a nationally published health and fitness/lifestyle writer. She writes a weekly column in Quebec’s second largest English language newspaper, The Sherbrooke Record and freelances for other notable publications. In addition, Christine is the creator, producer, and host of Run With It, which is Canada’s only running, fitness and health show, airing on Novus (TELUS) TV and YouTube channel. Christine’s other show on Novus (TELUS) TV and YouTube channel is The Closing Act, which profiles musicians, and other movers and shakers in the entertainment industry.

Christine is a regular contributor for Livid Magazine, NY City, and has written stories for The Seattle Times, The Vancouver Sun, Snowshoe Magazine, Canadian Running Magazine, Huffington Post, Women’s National Post, Optimyz Magazine, iRun Magazine and Get Out There Magazine. When she isn’t busy hosting and writing she is running instructor at the University of British Columbia.

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