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The greatest choice you will ever make

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Life is a series of choices. Some choices we make are beneficial to our health. Others can be detrimental. Our current health and happiness equal the sum of our choices to date over the duration of our lives.

Hopefully, we will continue to live to make more choices — but for how long?

Sooner or later, as with life, we will pass onto our next journey — but will it be sooner or later?  Will we be happy and able to enjoy our remaining years?

This brings us back to our choices. If we make poor choices, our health and happiness suffer. If we make good choices, our chances of longevity and vitality improve.

Thinking that I am going to die sometime anyway, so I might as well take pleasure in poor choices for my health and happiness, is a dead-end mentality.

The question is: Do you want to live or die?

Really think about this question. Maybe you don’t want to commit suicide or face death anytime soon, but the sum of your choices can unconciously move you in that direction. In this day and age, we too often become a bit numb and ignorant about our own health and wellness.

If you answered the question with “I want to live,” then you have made the greatest choice you’ll ever make. But it’s more than just choosing. It takes a commitment to making the right choices over time. To live long and strong takes work. It starts by making good choices and having a growth mindset.

So snap out of it! You are alive. Cherish the precious moments you have left. Make the right choices to prolong your longevity and happiness. Everything you do affects your wellness. So choose wisely and prosper!

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Author: Max Brennan is a passionate wellness seeker on a journey to learn and share the secrets of living well. He is the CEO at Hum@n Media, the publisher of SILVER Magazine.

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