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Travel hacks to make life easier!

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Traveling is fun and if you’re heading out for just some downtime or a wellness vacation, here’s a few hacks to help you have a better trip this year!

The Hidden power of the TV
Pretty much all hotels  today have flat screen TV’s and that means they’ll like have a USB port so you can charge your phone. Just don’t forget the cable!

Warm the butter!
Staying at a travel motel with that free continental breakfast? You know, the one with bad bagels and bread and of course, frozen butter patties? Put the patties between the toast slots and voila! 

Need some humidity?
Sometimes those heaters in cooler months can make the air dry and throat scratchy! Here’s an easy hack with a wet towel and the luggage rack!

The need for darkness!
Sometimes you just don’t want that bright morning sunshine pouring in! Use a coat hanger with the skirt/trouser clips and voila!

Sweet streams!
Don’t want to pay for a pricey hotel movie? They have WiFi? Bring your laptop and connect to the back of the TV and voila! Netflix and chill. Just don’t forget to bring an HDMI cable.

Repurpose those caps!
Shoes got dirty? Forgot to bring a bag for dirty clothes? Use a shower cap in the hotel room and keep things clean.

Where to put the toothbrush?
Sometimes you just don’t want to put the toothbrush on the counter. Use a cup like this, inverted or just in a provided glass.

Who’s held that remote?
Not sure you want to hold that remote? Bring a small baggie and you can put it over top and keep those pinkies clean!

Cut through the fog!
Seems like in every hotel room, the mirror gets all fogged up. Take a bar of the hotel soap and get a light film over the mirror and you can see clearly now the fog has gone…

We can’t have all the luxuries of travel when we’re gone away and sometimes you’ll end up staying at less than top rate hotel for a night so some of these hacks can help. Oh and if you’re going to stay at a hotel a few times and the stay was nice, email the hotel manager and tell them you enjoyed the stay. You might get a nice perk next time you’re there!

Bon voyage!

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Author: Alex Hurst is a writer for Silver and Optimyz Magazines for HUM@Nmedia.

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