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Your Monthly Horoscope: February 2024

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February 2024 Horoscope

Your horoscope for the whole of February by Sade The Astrology Vixen

Calling all visionaries and revolutionaries! This is your time to stand on your soapbox as Aquarius season sounds the alarm. Whether that looks like unionising your colleagues or elevating the minds of those around you, it’s the hour to stand for something that counts. With no planets in retrograde this month, expect things to come in quick and fast (it isn’t the time to sleepwalk through your daily tasks).

By the time Pisces season cruises onto the main stage by Feb 19, something inside of us will be yearning to be a part of something bigger and greater than ourselves. So, the creative idea that you’ve stuffed down the back of your sofa? You need to revisit the dreams that you thought didn’t matter because they do, especially now.

Also on the 19th, we’re in for another significant transit that urges you to bring your entire being into the mix. Even those parts of yourself that you might bury underneath your glossy persona: as the North Node and Chiron conjunction in Aries asks us to nurture our fears to see ourselves in a new light. To finish up, the full moon in Virgo on the 24th is the medicine we didn’t know we needed to give our lives more structure to build on a shiny, new foundation.

Aries or Aries Rising

It’s a month of turning your greatest fears into your biggest triumphs. The North Node – the point of destiny – is in your sign and teaming up with the wise healer Chiron on the 19th. Essentially, since mid-2023, you’ve been called to step into a higher calling, one where you feel like you can truly delve into the depths of your authenticity so that you can claim your life as your own. Consider this month as a check-in, to see how well you’re following your own script versus being puppeteered by other pairs of hands or voices outside of yourself. Lastly, by the time the Full Moon in Virgo hits in your zone of health and embodiment, give yourself a chance to release the pressure of having to ‘do’ so that you can allow yourself the time to just ‘be.’

Taurus or Taurus Rising

If January moved at a slower pace for you, brace yourself for the opposite this month. A mash up of planets is entering your career and legacy domain, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. You can genuinely observe how your small-scale goals are propelling you toward something more significant and grander than you might have initially imagined. Enlist the support of the right mentors, and you can navigate in the correct direction without the need for any do-overs. Keep a small note in your pocket as a reminder of how much this mission means to you, and perhaps, for those you wish to support, your commitment will be worthwhile.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Even though you naturally live in the prism of your mind, the full moon on the 24th is likely to plunge you into the depths of your innermost primal desires. It’s oh so easy for you to have myriad plans racing through your head, yet there might be a fear of pursuing the one that could catapult you straight out of your comfort zone. You can’t run from your true self, so let the cosmic dance assist you in acknowledging what you genuinely want, holding you back from external distractions trying to sway you. When the sun and Saturn in Pisces align on the 28th, they will urge you to bring your desires into the material world, giving you a clear view of the road ahead.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

It’s often said that the five people we spend the most time with can influence us for either good or evil. This month, you’ll have the opportunity to observe how the people around you are contributing to your evolution. An internal shift is on the horizon. Remember that time you randomly woke up one morning knowing something was pushing you to make an important decision? These epiphanies will continue to rattle you out of your sleep, if you don’t hit the red button. Allow yourself the opportunity to catch up with these pockets of intuitive hits, but bear in mind that you don’t need to make any drastic changes.

Leo or Leo Rising

It’s the month of love (as declared by Cupid) and coincidentally, your relationship zone is ablaze. Whether you’ve been eager to connect with new people or have a desire for more intimacy, it’s time to slide into the DMs on Instagram, turning an insta-friend or crush into a real-life connection. For you, all forms of love are equally cherished. Consider it a good time to contemplate the long-term aspects of how you want to feel loved and desired in your connections.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

At times, it’s easy to overlook how the ordinary can transform into something extraordinary depending on what side of the coin you focus on. For you, your full attention is essential to mould and shape your daily schedule into a riveting display. Whether it involves swapping your yin yoga class for something more high-impact like martial arts, you’re bound to feel more alive in your body than you have in a while. Grand displays of excitement aren’t always necessary, and the line up of Aquarius planets can support you in making a concentrated effort to focus on the mundane, revolutionising your daily reality.

Libra or Libra Rising

Examine in what ways you may be playing the martyr in your relationships, as the conjunction of the North Node with Chiron, the wise healer, assists you in establishing necessary boundaries between yourself and those who seem tethered to you. We all possess an innate instinct to help others in need, but you shouldn’t allow guilt to manipulate you into doing so. This month, you’ll discover the strength to claim your freedom without always feeling compelled to give it away. With the full moon in Virgo on the 24th, you’ll have the opportunity to identify your own fears that may be hindering you from asking for help when needed.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

There may be some ricocheting events in your home and emotional roots. The fates at hand will likely throw you a question on whether you feel like where you live is the best for your personal growth, inviting you into spaces away from home where you can experience more magical synchronicities that could transform your life. This could manifest as unexpectedly encountering a future best friend or business partner. Sometimes, to welcome new upgrades into your life, you have to make a move. If your heart has been set on changing your living space, this month provides an opportunity for you to gain clarity on exactly where your heart belongs.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Consider which old identities you need to shed that have been keeping you in a creative rut. Sometimes, letting go of who we’ve been allows for more space for new creative ideas to blossom. When the North Node connects with Chiron in your zone of creativity, it will present you with the assignment to support you to do exactly that. If you’ve been seeking clarity on your career direction, you may find the ability to consolidate all your half finished plans into a centralised place around the 24th when the full moon in Virgo graces the sky.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Last month marked a major rendezvous of self-actualisation, where you empowered yourself to make choices that prioritise your well-being – a task that you may often place on the back burner. Now, you can relax a little as the cosmic dance of planets urges you to invest in what brings you joy from the inside out. Take note of the fact that when you feel great, you don’t shortchange yourself in anything. Find ways to curate an inward space that serves as a constant reminder of your worth. Challenge yourself to indulge in what spiritually nourishes you on the 28th – it may help you to silence the never-ending existential questions about whether your dream manifestations will come to life this year.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

With Pluto now in Aquarius, this season brings an extra punch. You’re entering your private sanctuary, a space for you to authentically discover who you are outside of mainstream programming. This process might involve some discomfort as you let go of what needs to be burnt to ash, paving the way for this new quest to bring you to your true ‘home’. Just look at Daenerys Targaryen’s royal ascension. She was exiled from her homelands, but she eventually found her way to her throne (but not without facing challenges in between). Remember, you were born for this, so don’t doubt the immense oasis of fire power that courses through your veins.

Pisces or Pisces Rising

If last month was unusually social and you just couldn’t quite get your hands messy with your creative ideas, but this month is focused on synthesising your visions. Beneath the dim lights, the planets in Aquarius can support you to understand which internal voices are directing your show, empowering you to take more control over your moves. Without this quiet introspection, you might find yourself potentially acting irrationally due to underlying fears, leading you down a dark road of self-sabotage. Prepare for new sparkling opportunities by gaining clarity on what truly matters to you, so that you don’t sell your soul for superficial bargains. Pay close attention to the thoughts and ideas that arise on the 28th, as they could offer valuable insights into where you’d like to put a pin on the map.

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