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Your Monthly Horoscope: June 2024

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Horoscope June 2024

Your June monthly horoscope by Sade Jackson

The month Jupiter trines Pluto on the 3rd, kicking off the month with a rare transit that we haven’t seen since 2016. A trine is a harmonious aspect between planets, and since each planet represents growth and learning, it’s an excellent time to channel new visionary insights that could expand your personal growth.

On the 20th, Cancer season begins, marking the seasonal debut of the summer solstice. Note these Moon dates in your diary: the New Moon in Gemini on the 6th and the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 22nd.

Another planet, Saturn, joins Pluto retrograde at the end of the month on the 29th. Saturn represents structure and systems, so this summer is about rethinking what productivity actually means. And, it doesn’t mean staring at your screen for half of the time. What do you need that will make you feel alive and thriving, rather than just merely existing? Perhaps it looks like taking a brisk walk when you feel your brain cells need rest and restoration. Either way, It’s time to reupholster your productivity systems on an inner and outer level.


The planets that rule the root of your chart are offering you some existential questions to do with home and belonging. With Mercury and the Sun in Cancer, you might feel a lot more vulnerable and exposed than you’re used to. You’re probably going to get different ideas about how to build a wholesome ‘home’ for yourself, but just know you don’t have to give up your housing lease just yet. Sit and feel whether that means adding more texture and ambience to your existing four walls. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 22nd calls you to take on more responsibility at work. So take charge, and don’t let anyone think you aren’t more than capable.


The New Moon in Gemini on the 6th takes root in your zone of resources and financial stability. How have you been downplaying your skillset? You might get some ideas that could help you work smarter, not harder. The hot-to-touch planet Mars will radiate fire and purpose in your home sign from the 9th. You’re in your stride, conquering your worldly goals and not letting seeming obstacles stop you. Just be mindful on the 11th, as Pluto squares off with Mars, which might push the button for your secret power-hungry side.


Since last month, Jupiter’s transit into Gemini has started to show you where you need to take up a larger portion of the world – and you’re only getting started. Those big picture dreams will be inflated in the first week of June, especially with Jupiter and Pluto helping you chart the epic course of a new Heroine’s journey on the 3rd. If your ideas don’t scare you, they simply aren’t big enough. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 22nd falls into your house of inner riches and shared resources. Reach out to your network and pool some money together if you need some extra padding.


On the 6th, the New Moon enters Gemini, impacting your zone of imagination and unconscious ghosts. By the time your birthday begins on the 20th, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury will be in your home sign, signaling you to fully step into your identity and carve out a path of your own. This month requires you to clear out the internal cobwebs of the past that have been lingering inside you and clouding your vision of the future. A big psychic release can help you feel more whole and authentic, allowing you to be yourself no matter what audience you’re facing. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 22nd will show you how these new avenues of growth will either help you feel expansive in your relationships or reveal the ones that make you shrink.


At the start of the month, you have a mashup of planets in your house of visions and community. More people are looking up to you than you realise – admiring your flair for crafting your creative edge into the world. Expect an abundance of new visions to pop up in your periphery come the 20th. The summer solstice is a wonderful time to let your emotions guide you to a new beginning, so expect to feel a release of the knots that have been tightening in your chest. There’s a reason why summer solstice rituals often centre on building bonfires. The Full Moon in Capricorn is highlighting your health and work sphere, helping you see where you can add an extra dose of discipline as an act of self-love.


In the first half of the month, you’ll be charting the long-term course of your career, as you have a stack of planets in your zone of legacy. If you’ve been feeling that where you are now isn’t going to stretch you to new horizons, the New Moon in Gemini on the 6th might just nudge you to start slowly packing up your bags. Either way, be intentional with your career steps, but most of all, be experimental and curious. Towards the end of the month on 29th, Saturn retrogrades in your house of relationships and it will stay there until November 15th. Review and reflect on how your relationships support your growth and dreams, as this year you might wander a little bit further from home to make your own dreams come true.


With Jupiter in Gemini already hanging out in your house of adventure and meetups, you’re ready to let your hair down and show your wilder side. The New Moon in Gemini on the 6th will amplify those secret urges. People should be buying you drinks and showing you a good time. As Cancer season begins on the 20th, it shines a light on your career realm. This time round, it’s important to ask yourself where you have been overextending, so you can pour that energy back into yourself.


This month is about expressing your truths without a filter. Don’t make people guess how you feel – express them without censoring your voice. The New Moon in Gemini in your house of rebirth aims to transform you from the inside out, impacting the way you state your needs and your cravings for more intimate connections and creating a more sultry ambience in all that you do. On the 29th, the Capricorn Full Moon lights a beacon for expanding your knowledge bank. Learn something completely different, and it will open up new avenues of joy with a childlike wonder of possibilities.


Just before the onset of summer, your relationship sphere is lit up, and people will be vying for your attention. Who makes you feel completely tapped in your inner child? Who can you be the most carefree with? Whoever you choose, prioritise them, invite people out and throw a summer barbecue to remind all of you of the good old days. From the 17th, treat every remaining day as a chance to heal childhood wounds so that you can see yourself clearly without old narratives pulling you down.


How clear does your gut feel? Well, the first portion of the month is focused on your health. Take the supplements, drink your green juice, and try out Pilates for the first time. It requires your full commitment and devotion so that you can feel your best self for the summer months ahead. On the 17th, Venus and Mercury in Cancer light up your relationship zone, where you could meet new faces and catch eyes across the room. Everything ties together when the Full Moon in Capricorn meets your home sign on the 29th. When you look good, you feel good. You become an irresistible magnet for others to truly see you.


Now that Jupiter in Gemini has moved into your zone of romantic libations and creativity, you may have the urge to collaborate with people with whom you have undeniable chemistry. Who inspires you? Who is your muse? And where are you willing to trail to find them? Surround yourself with unknown people as they play a role that’s key in your creative growth. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 29th extends its blossoming light into your imagination, leaving a message or two in your dreams. But pay attention, because they can easily slip through your fingers.


The base of your chart is lit up with personal planets, keeping you grounded and rooted so that you feel a sense of home – even if your outside world feels like it’s moving faster than you’d like. Be the curious observer. See what life is teaching you, and view everyone as a mirror. As you open your eyes on the 20th, you’ll have Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in your zone of dating. It takes on a more serious tone: who do you think you can go the distance with? Community is at the epicentre of your month, but it needs a leader to shepherd the pack and the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 29th will give you the instruction manual. Don’t fall into the background, though, because you’re the main character. To finish off the month, Saturn retrogrades in your home sign. What old identities are you breaking out of, and how will it give you a new sense of freedom?

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