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Your Monthly Horoscope: November 2023

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Horoscope November 2023

Your November monthly horoscope by Sade the Astrology Vixen

Scorpio season often resembles a high-stakes obstacle course a little like the Hunger Games, yet it has a way of refining us into more polished versions of ourselves, where we can see that we’re our own hero and heroine by the journey’s end.

If the past few months have felt like you’ve been swirling around with no sense of time, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s about to end as Saturn Retrograde is on its last run until the 4th. As Sagittarius season takes over from the 22nd, we can proudly unfurl our fresh butterfly wings and belt out the customary Frozen anthem ‘let it go.’

However, before we bid the Scorpion a final goodbye, the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th acts as a soothing balm for even the deepest wounds. It’s a moment where you can begin to reimagine what it means to be the master of your own fate – breaking free from the chains of victimhood.

On November 27th, the Full Moon in Gemini emerges like the mischievous trickster it’s known to be, reminding us that when we can take the good and the bad, the rough and the smooth, and can springboard into life with a lighter heart.


This is a season marked by rebirth, where you’ll liberate all the facets of your being that you have concealed even from your closest friends and family. As you embrace more genuine interactions be prepared to expose the less than flattering sides of your personality. Surprisingly, this voyage may feel more liberating than you might expect.

You’ll also find yourself combing through the details of your life to see how your values match up. If you proclaim that freedom is invaluable, why subject yourself to situations or environments that make you feel like you’re wearing a straight jacket? Book on to a silent retreat, or simply block off time on your calendar to recalibrate your moral compass accordingly.


Whether you opt for solitude or not, one thing remains clear: the transparency of people’s intentions. It’s as though you possess x-ray vision, laying everything bare. Your sensitivity towards others is likely to be heightened during this phase, so before reacting, pause and ponder whether it’s worth your time.

In the same breath, you may notice where you’ve felt your voice has grown faint. Similar to poor Ariel, whose voice was stolen by the malevolent Ursula, you can reclaim it once again – and then some. At the slightest hint of injustice, you’ll be on the front line, championing what’s just. The pivotal question remains: Will you compromise your principles or stand firmly with your integrity by your side?


Have you truly been living your maximalist dreams? Bu this I mean: Dali-like extravagance. If you’ve sensed that you’ve only been tapping into a fraction of your creative potential, now’s the time to add some fresh vibrancy to the mix. Exploring new avenues of creative expression can help you to step out of the cloak of adulthood, allowing you to reconnect with your inner child.

Whether you embark on a solitary adventure or extend an invitation to your mates, this month serves as a reminder that it’s perfectly acceptable to try on a new persona that makes you feel more alive and honest. Drawing a valuable lesson from good ‘ol Romy and Michelle, you’ll soon realise that there’s no need to mask yourself to captivate an audience.


This month, you’ll be teetering between two poles: work and home. It all begins with pondering what it looks and feels like to feel fulfilled by the work that you commit to. No matter how much you try to compensate for a mundane workweek during the weekends, it won’t be the balm for your boredom. Perhaps you’ll ask yourself, ‘Am I in a toxic relationship with my career?’ Get ready for a revelation that will guide you to grasp where your true calling lies, allowing you to shed anything superficial. The responsibility rests on your shoulders to write a new story. By the month’s end, you’ll find yourself delving so deeply into different working options. External voices won’t change your belief of what’s possible. Just remember to clear the clutter from your psychic space so that you can decipher the intricate details scribbled on the walls of your soul.


Every now and again you find yourself reliving childhood memories. At this juncture you can find the keys to untying the patterns handed down through generations. This presents a unique chance to heal from any guilt surrounding past choices. Allow your heart to be unburdened and allow someone you consider ‘kin’ to provide a safe haven for your emotions. Through this, you can shed the weight of yesteryears and brush away internal cobwebs that have hindered you from going after what you truly want. Perhaps you stand as one of the few iconic trailblazers in your family, choosing to take the unconventional route. It’s time to let go of the notion of being the ‘black sheep’ and proudly take on the role of the one who won the golden ticket to liberation.


Embrace the elements that offer you clarity, warmth, and a sense of security. Focus on your own path, steering clear of any attempts to become entangled in others conflicts. This is the perfect moment to anchor yourself to the present, without trying to forecast ahead in the future. Even if you’re not used to wearing your heart on your sleeve, you might find yourself sprinting through life with your emotions exposed, making you feel not just alive and alert, but also tender and vulnerable. True joy, in its purest essence, can only be experienced when you shed unnecessary defences.

As the month closes, you’ll gain crystal clear sight of how you want to shape your career journey, with a firm resolve not to waste your precious time on goals that no longer resonate no matter how much you try to dress them up.


Last month, you assumed the role of a silent observer, perched upon the misty mountain’s peak, witnessing the grand spectacle of life’s theatrics. Now, it’s time to descend and unveil the insights you’ve gathered about yourself. Walk your path and talk less so that you can save your breath to breathe life into these newfound revelations. You’ve likely honed a sharp instinct, discerning what expands your horizons so that you can close old doors. The fog of uncertainty has evaporated so this is the moment to set your sights on precisely what you desire. Whatever you do, do it as your usual candid, charming self – it’s always a crowd pleaser.


You’re about to be undergo an identity transplant. Your old ways of living are on the brink of transformation, and rather than clutching to the past, surrender yourself to the tides of change. Let them cleanse away everything that no longer nurtures your sense of comfort, joy, or bliss. You’re on the cusp of ascending to a new realm of confidence, where your self-assured leadership blossoms. If you’ve been carrying ambitions that reach beyond the confines of convention, don’t wait for company. Embrace this fresh beginning, which will propel you towards your most authentic self. As you carve a niche in this new era, there’s no room for self-doubt. Now is the time to stand firmly on your own two feet.


This year may have resembled a nomadic journey, pushing you to embark on a soul-searching quest to define your personal sense of ‘home.’ In the coming month, you’ll quickly realise what traditional family customs need to change in favour of forging your own path. Your inherent rebellious spirit may stir the waters and challenge established norms, yet it’s essential to champion your authentic voice. This job can be quite taxing, so make sure that you come up for air. Treat yourself to a guilt-free Netflix marathon. Allow yourself to stay afloat and not get lost on this journey of self-discovery.


This month revolves around the art of asking the right questions and engaging with people who might hold the answers you seek. While you tend to work best when you’re the head honcho, the road to success isn’t a solitary journey. Embrace diverse subcultures of thought to broaden your options. You don’t have to solve the Da Vinci Code on your own. Your main assignment is to explore how you can balance your active mind whilst remaining embodied. Dive into activities that ground you, fostering an intimate connection with your senses. Otherwise? You won’t know where your burn-out boundaries begin or ends. What ignites vitality in your physical being?


Sticking to the ethos at your core is your priority because there may be offers coming in that could cause you to wobble in your stance. It’s possible that you’ll face some existential angst that you can’t put your finger on but remember: chasing more might not be the answer. In fact, shedding false ideals of where you ‘should be’, rather than where you are, could be the fix. You aren’t the title that you wear, you’re you, regardless of the prestigious institutions that give you the co-sign. Consider how you can channel your talents in places where you’ll be appreciated. You’re at the juncture where you can gracefully withdraw from situations that require you to put up a front. This brand of ambition runs deep, affording you the opportunity to write your name in stone. This is the business of leaving a lasting legacy.


Cast your mind back to this summer, as you might sense a pattern of choosing daydreams over reality. The hour has arrived to confront any matters you’ve half-heartedly addressed. This is your cue to lay down sturdy foundations that you can stand on, rather than resorting to patchwork fixes. By combining your actions with your own integrity and values you’ll be able to chart the course of where you genuinely belong. Oddly enough, responsibility is a steadying force that can help you to tread through life more deliberately. Otherwise, your month might resemble a day in the life of dear Miss Bridget Jones – a sequence of seemingly endless chaotic (yet amusing) escapades.

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