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Your Yearly Horoscope: 2024

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Compassion, confidence, and more creative strikes: Welcome to 2024's Year in Horoscopes

2023 was the year with absolutely zero chill. At times, it almost felt as if extraterrestrial beings were toying with time in a cosmic Black Mirror game against humanity. Nevertheless, we persevered and managed to navigate through it — some of us emerging from the thick smoke unscathed, while the rest of us bear battle scars that we can now add as stripes towards our notoriety. As we stand at the top end of the year looking up towards the misty mountains, 2024 beckons as the dawn of a new vision. One that urges us to embrace our unique gifts in both voice and artistry. Despite the cosmic forces orchestrating events behind the scenes, let’s not forget that the power of free will remains firmly in our hands. Here are the dates to mark in your astrological diary, whatever your sign.

Pluto Aquarius – January 20th to September 1st and November 19th – December 31st


Pluto, the mythic lord of the underworld, is gearing up for a momentous shift that promises to redefine the very fabric of our cultural foundations. Since 2008, Pluto has been entangled with Capricorn, unleashing cataclysmic transformations in financial institutions and governmental systems. Capricorn, reigning over power, money, and tradition in astrology, witnessed seismic events such as the 2008 financial crisis, intensified public scrutiny of the royal establishment (which the hit show ‘The Crown’ may or may not have contributed to) and the toxic corporate landscape.

We had a juicy preview of Pluto in Aquarius last year—a sign associated with technology, space, community, rebellion, and innovation. This cosmic debut sparked discussions on A.I. and the Hollywood writers’ strike signaling the hour of a revolutionary existential chapter. Pluto revisits Aquarius for a substantial part of the upcoming year, briefly revisiting Capricorn between January 1st and January 20th, as well as from September 1st to November 19th. This force of nature aims to redistribute the power in our society, aiming to put a stop to nepotism and the like. But it won’t be all smooth sailing, so expect some resistance from the ‘powers that be.’ In essence, Pluto’s influence is set to amplify the voice of the people, ushering in bold inventions and ideas that were once deemed too avant-garde and breaking old rules that can no longer push humanity towards a better future. 

Jupiter Taurus conjunct Uranus Taurus – April 20th

The most recent cosmic meet up of these two planets occurred in 2011, and it's generating considerable hype in the astrological community as the standout transit of the year. Taurus is connected to wealth, luxury and pleasure, and many astrologers predict that this is a prime to manifest abundance. So, if you haven’t yet finished up your manifesting list, you might just want to get on board. Yet, just on the cautious side, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and Uranus known for his volatile and unruly behaviour, the pendulum can swing in unforeseen directions – just like a pair of dice in Russian roulette. 

Jupiter Gemini – May 25th to June 9th 2025

Jupiter changes signs roughly every 12 months, and as it gracefully steps into the sign of sweet-talking Gemini. Our intellectual faculties are in for a treat. If you thought the media market was already over saturated with podcasts, expect to see a surge, as Jupiter in Gemini will want us all to stand on our own opinion and voice them both privately and publicly. Just be mindful that you don’t get caught up in mindless gossip, as it might come back to bite you when you least expect it. However, on a more elevated level, some of us may feel more confident to state our case, especially if we have silenced our voices to stand up for ourselves in the past. 

Eclipse in Pisces – September 18th

Eclipses are often portrayed as omens in mythical tales, where the sisters of fate spin the wheels of our destiny. In the case of this specific eclipse there exists the potential to not only crack open our hearts but also allow compassion and creativity to shower over us. Community is the anchor for 2024, and this eclipse is an offering to gather your chosen family and share timeless moments with each other. At the end of the day, that’s all that counts. For artists and creatives this is a potent portal for your creativity to take leaps and bounds. Gifting you the power to disrupt the carbon copy industry hot takes, to create a whole new zeitgeist. 

Mars Retrograde in Leo and Cancer – December 6th to February 24th

With Mercury retrograde having penetrated the mainstream consciousness, the premiere of Mars retrograde may introduce an extra layer of spice to the mix. In contrast to Mercury, which can lead to communication hiccups, Mars tends to blast into retrograde mode every 2 years. Aiming to slow down our pace, and question whether we’re just moving through our lives on
autopilot. Mars retrograde wakes us out of a dream, hoping to jolt us awake from sleepwalking through the days. So, before you find yourself twirling on your heels, it’s essential to ask, ‘In which area of my life can I practise deeper levels of awareness and presence, rather than trying to rush the process?’ If you fail to take a necessary pause to reflect, don’t be surprised if you hit a wall, pinning you down to master the art of patience. 

And the 2024 Mercury Retrograde dates to watch your back for…

1 April to 24 April in Aries
4 August to 27 August in Virgo and Leo
25 November to 15 December in Sagittarius
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